Locating Bank Foreclosure Lists

Bank foreclosure lists are helpful tools to have in your toolkit if you are in the market for a new property for investment. Often people use bank foreclosure lists  to make the process of finding foreclosure homes in their area faster and easier. But even if you knowing that these lists offer significant advantages, you still need to know where to find them. Finding these lists do not have to be a difficult task, and there are three places that you can start your search today.

  1. The lender is often the first place that many people look for bank foreclosure lists. The banks know what properties they own, and would be able to get you the file. The challenge that shows up when trying to get a bank foreclosure list this way is that it can be difficult to contact the right person. Not everybody will have this list, or even know they exist, so you will need to get in contact with the person or department that maintains these records. Remember to be patient with the people you are talking to, and you should be fine.
  2. You can also find Bank foreclosure lists online for free. Many sites offer this service to their users. Even though this may sound like a great deal, you will want to be very careful before you trust them completely. A lot of free sites do not update their information regularly which means that you will end up researching homes that are no longer for sale. Also, sometimes free information is only enough to get started, and they will charge additional fees along the way.
  3. There are also many online membership sites that you can join for a small monthly fee. An advantage of using these services is that you will be able to find information about multiple lenders in one place. Paid services update their listings daily, and also tend to include pictures and a lot of other details. Even though you will have to pay a monthly fee, it is well worth it for many people. These membership sites are often the easiest way to find bank foreclosure lists for multiple lenders.

Attempting to find foreclosed homes on your own without bank foreclosure lists can be a challenging task. The advantages of these lists mean you will no longer have to search for hours only to find the property is already sold or take the chance of missing out on a great home because you didn't see it fast enough.